Our Products

Tosen Foods Inc. takes pride of being able to serve a wide range of products and services. These allow the company to cater to any requirement given and deliver the goods at any time.

Tosen Foods products are made from QUALITY real meat (beef, pork, fish), NATURAL RESOURCES, and still sold at a very AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Canned Sardines

Canned sardines is a classic dish. It is the the most affordable, flavorful and healthy meal for everyone. It has become one of the highest-selling products in the company due to its excellent taste.

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Canned Tuna

Canned tuna products come in various flavors . Packed with essential nutrients such as Protein, Omega 3, good fatty acids and Vitamin D. This is especially great for people keen in maintaining a healthy lifestyle .

These tuna meats come from the finest and most premium quality tuna species, caught in the South China and the Indo Pacific Ocean regions.

Canned varieties consist of: Chunks and flakes  processed in brine, or oil.

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Healthy selections, beans and peas harvested, cleaned, and packed ready for  hungry consumers looking for healthy and convenient options. Beans and peas were sourced from high quality farms from USA and Canada, the best raw material sources.

People can consume the products as it is, or mix with other dishes they like.

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But let us not forget that most people are carnivores. That is why we have prepared exquisitely tasting canned meats made from the most excellent resources available. The meats we use in the products are all-natural and real meat.

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Classic frozen meat favorites, loved and enjoyed by all. All day, All time!

You are bound to never go wrong when you are served any one of these tasty meals as dishes.

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Sweet Preservatives

Sweet enders to complete your perfect deserts and snacks.

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